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Six Flags St. Louis has vaping sections lol
[Image: rfNEoL6l.jpg]

I guess I shouldn't be surprised given that a lot of children go there and it's pretty crowded at times but I still found this humorous.
Hahaha that is great! Actually I would much rather see a vaping section than be told to go to the smoking section. I mean the whole reason I started vaping was to get away from smoke, seems kinda obvious to me, but clearly the people making the smoking/vaping section rules don't always know what they are doing.

I totally need a sign like that for my house. Big Grin
That vaping section is actually quite humorous. Look how small and lifeless the area looks. I find it funny how people are willing to risk their lives riding a roller coaster, but the second a small cloud of vapor floats near them they fear for their well being.
That is funny, thought the point of vaping was so that you could do it anywhere. It's not like it has a bad smell. Well I guess it is for little children or something, but other than that I have no clue what the fuss is about. Maybe it was an intentional joke.
That's so cool. I had no idea that anywhere did that. It's a huge step forward in acceptance for us. People will realize that we're better than traditional cigg smokers. Cool, cool, cool. :ugeek:
I love the yellow painted box around the bench. My college campus has decided that all vaping must be done in designated areas as well because the state declared e-juice a tobacco product. I don't mind it to much though because they don't really enforce it and I get to stand around with other people vaping and talk.

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Six Flags St. Louis has vaping sections lol00