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ShenRay, declining quality?
I have been a Vaper since 2014. I have been using RTA tanks ever since. I like to buy authentic High end RTA’s. However, before I pay the hefty price tag, I usually buy a high end clone(SXK, ShenRay, YFTK, etc.) to test before purchase, and use as spare parts after purchasing my high end RTA. ShenRay is one Of the Main manufacturer in my preferred list and I just purchased a VG V6S RTA from them a couple of weeks ago. Anyway, not long ago, I bought a ShenRay N-Duro RTA From 3fvape. It’s an RTA made of Stainless Steel, glass and aluminum. After about 2 months of using and sharing it with friends and family, after a usual wash with water and soap(the same brand I’ve been using to wash all of my tanks since 2014) all the aluminum parts corroded heavily at the joints with stainless steel parts. I contacted 3Fvape. 3fvape responded right away as expected from any first rate supplier: they offered me some refund as compensation and contacted ShenRay on my behalf. ShenRay, however, shocked the hell out of me by brushing me away, indicating the tank has been used for 2 months! I replied to their response(pissed off, naturally), and asked 3fvape to provide a toxicity report from ShenRay and for a direct contact within ShenRay to talk to them directly and complain to the source. I will continue posting the details here, since a lot of Vapers rely on ShenRay for quality products. And no more Purchasing ShenRay products until I get an explanation about this corrosion and assurance this will not happen with any of their products. And I warn everyone against using ShenRay tanks until I sort this out with them.

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