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Shameless promotion--My youtube channel
I have some videos up right now, I don't have but 10 subs and no one seems to comment on my videos, but I'm new to the youtube uploading scene and I'm trying my hardest. I am a frequent flyer to youtube videos and watch a ton every single day. But I haven't been posting lately because I'm gearing up for an anime convention I work at on the first weekend of August, and I keep making cosplays/costumes to wear. (It takes alot of time) But here's a video of me playing my most favorite game I've played ever, which is Bioshock.
And I have a link to my channel in my signature, if you really want to check out my videos. And I'm looking for CREATIVE critisism, not trolls, you know? I have a small setup that I put a heck of a lot of money into but I am looking into getting a new microphone setup so it doesn't catch the sound of my laptop fan.

Thanks for checking out my work, and sub if you like it maybe? :3
So basically these are videos of the games you are playing? What's the purpose in posting them?

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Shameless promotion--My youtube channel00