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SXK NoToy Style Bottom Feed RDA Review
Hello everyone,
Here share a review of the SXK notoy RDA Clone with bottom feeder pin. Reference to the pictures as below you'll be more clearly. The No-Toy RDA is serious after the well know no-pity RDA, no-legal RDA. Its only 18mm diameter and comes with bottom feeding pin for squoker. It can be a very nice signle coil RDA. Today we are going to have a closer look at the SXK version NoToy style RDA. And build the coil on it.
It come with a plastic box with SXK logo, and some some spare parts.
[Image: SXK_NoToy_BF_RDA_01.jpg]
This SXK NoToy style RDA is 316 stainless steel constructed and with 18mm diameter. Relatively small compared with other atomizers. 19.8g in weight and 34mm in height. Positive pin longer out, you can use it safely on mec mods. Using 510 drip tip and the top cap designed with hollow out top, I guess some how this will help to reduce the vapor heat.
[Image: SXK_NoToy_BF_RDA_04.jpg]
Here I have the BF pin on and fix it on the Eleaf pico, squeeze the bottle for e-juice bottom feeding.
[Image: SXK_NoToy_BF_RDA_09.jpg]
I have tried to build single coil on this NoToy RDA, it makes me creazy about this nice RDA.
and I'm excited with the flavor, trust me,it's worthy to have a taste.
[Image: SXK_NoToy_BF_RDA_19.jpg]
[Image: SXK_NoToy_BF_RDA_21.jpg]
The manufacture advised price is $12.50,
[B]Use Coupon MAP12923 to get $2.50 off discount
Only $10.00 now and ready to ship within 24hrs.

Nice flavor and direct mouth to lung;
Easy coil build;
Multi air hole adjustable;
Bottom feeding or dripping up to your choice.


May look ugly on some mods as its small size;
Top cap is a little bit too tight to adjust the air hole.

Hope this review is helpful to you,thanks for reading !

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