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SXK Kryten RDA with Bottom Feeder pin - $14.90
Kryten Style RDA with Bottom Feeder Pin is constructed from 316 stainless steel and in 24mm diameter.
The Kryten RDA Clone is in 24mm diameter, is the updated version of its predecessor the Hadaly RDA.
The Kryten RDA Clone is with unique dual post coil clamping system for dual coil build.

[Image: sxk-kryten-style-rda-rebuildable-drippin...ameter.jpg]

More details please visit here>>

Wholesale price, please contact
Do you perfer the Golden SXK Kryten RDA Clone with Bottom Feeder pin/PEI Top Tap

Comes with dual drip tips and one PEI top cap.
Lower price :$8.99!

[Image: kryten-style-rda-rebuildable-dripping-at...ameter.jpg]

[Image: kryten-style-rda-rebuildable-dripping-at...ameter.jpg]

[Image: kryten-style-rda-rebuildable-dripping-at...ameter.jpg]

Click in for more details on 3FVape>>

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SXK Kryten RDA with Bottom Feeder pin - $14.9000