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Rum essence flavor?
I love rum essence smell very much (in fact, who doesn't?). I've heard that there is also a rum essence flavor. Have any of you tried it? Also, could you give ma a link to order a bottle? There's no chance of finding it at the local vaping shops.
I have never tried it, but it sounds 100% delicious. I am a big fan of rum so I think just about anything rum flavored would be the bomb dot com.
I have also never tried this flavor. This is my first time of hearing of this one actually! I'm not a big Rum fan but maybe I will like this flavor, since it is not exactly rum itself Smile

I tried looking for it online, and could not find anything Sad
Well, one of my American friends said he loved vaping rum flavour, and I really got interested in it lately. I wish I could find some. But honey flavour is also good.
I'm not a big fan of rum, except in my cakes, but I think rum essence might been interesting to try? I prefer fruity ones, like strawberry or raspberry, but I wonder if they would have a whiskey essence flavor somewhere? Big Grin

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