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Recommend all in one starter kits from 3FVAPE
Hello everyone.
From now on, we'll specially introduce the latest released AIO starter kits on 3FVAPE to all of you.

If you need a convenient and portable device for quit smoking and start vaping, please focus on this thread.
We will update the latest info of AIO starter kits here.

Here comes the latest 3FVAPE recommend starter kits, let's check it below:

VOOPOO Panda 1100mAh All-in-One Starter Kit $25.99
The VOOPOO Panda Starter Kit comes with cute appearance and powerful output. Made of rubber, Panda can bring you softer touch feelings, and it can be held easily with ergonomically designed body. The Panda has 5ml pod capacity, and two different pods for nicotine salt and other juices are included. The new vertical juice injection system is adopted to allow more air in to produce larger vapor and better flavor, and multiple safe protections avoid all potential risks.
NCR TOGO 1500mAh All-in-One Starter Kit $33.99
The NCR TOGO Kit is a pod-style starter kit with built-in 1500mAh battery and 2ml of juice capacity. The battery features 278C temperature control and magnetic connection. The pod adopts easy top fill system that greatly reduces the possibility of liquid leakage. And the 0.5ohm stainless coil with organic cotton will deliver intense flavor and massive clouds. It is simple and convenient in use for daily vaping.
Digiflavor Upen 650mAh All-in-One Starter Kit $29.90
The Digiflavor Upen Kit is a high quality pen style vaporizer designed by Justin. Designed for portability and safety, it is a perfect kit for users who are looking for a stealth vape due to its compact size. It comes with a cap to protect atomizer from dust and keep hygienic. Upen is made to be used as a MTL inhalation to accommodate ex-smokers transition to quitting cigarettes.
[Image: authentic-digiflavor-upen-650mah-all-in-...m-15ml.jpg]
Vaporesso Orca Solo 800mAh All-in-One Starter Kit $19.59
The Vaporesso Orca Solo is a compact All-in-One Pen-Style starter kit with elegant styling. The unique CCELL coil is optimized for high nicotine satisfaction. Flash Heat System brings purer and smoother flavor by rapid and even heating. The Orca Solo is perfect for starters and Mouth-to-Lung enthusiasts. Metal sleeve along with top fill system, not only brings great convenience, but also protect your device. Built-in 800mAh battery and 1A quick charging, the Orca Solo is always ready for use.
[Image: authentic-vaporesso-orca-solo-800mah-all...m-15ml.jpg]
Vaporesso Nexus 650mAh All-in-One Starter Kit $22.09
The Vaporesso Nexus Starter Kit is an ultra compact and portable vaping kit designed for vapers on the go. The combination of a care-free filling system, adjustable airflow, high performance CCELL coil, and simplicity makes it the best on-the-go device for MTL vaping experience. The 650mah built-in battery with quick charging system allows you to enjoy vaping anytime and anywhere.
Suorin Vagon 12W 310mAh Starter Kit $34.99
The Suorin Vagon Kit is a portable ergonomically designed starter kit with pod vaporizer system. It utilizes a 310mAh built-in battery and 2.5ml refillable Vagon pods. With the draw-to-activate design, you can just take a puff without any fire button. The pod can be filled with Nic salt or regular e-liquid.
[Image: authentic-suorin-vagon-12w-310mah-starte...e-25ml.jpg]
Vaptio Spin-It 650mAh All-in-One Starter Kit $21.99
The Vaptio Spin-It Starter Kit is a super cool all-in-one pod system device. The kit features the top terminal spinnable drip tip with 1.8ml refillable cartridge. When you spin the drip tip and keep it inside, the power supply will be cut off, avoiding any risk of mis-firing. Powered by built-in 650mAh battery and constant 15W output as well as a micro USB port at the bottom, it will provide a stable performance to bring you amazing vaping experience.
[Image: authentic-vaptio-spin-it-650mah-all-in-o...m-18ml.jpg]
Vaptio Solo-Flat 650mAh All-in-One Starter Kit $21.99
The Vaptio Solo-Flat Starter Kit is an ultra slim and powerful closed system pod device with a built-in 650mAh battery and 1.5ml refillable tank. It has a lip friendly duckbill mouth drip tip and a smart airflow control chip for instant vaping. The Solo-flat has an easy top filling design that you can fill by removing the top cap. A fountain type indicator light makes the Vaptio solo-flat more attractive.
[Image: authentic-vaptio-solo-flat-650mah-all-in...m-15ml.jpg]

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Asvape Defender 1200mAh All-in-One Starter Kit $59.00
The authentic Asvape Defender Starter Kit is an all-in-One vape kit that shows noble identity with its 316 stainless steel body material, the industry's top press and laser technology for 360 degrees seamless link. It caters for ergonomics and fit with extreme touch and excellent grip, exquisite switch, 1200mAh built-in lithium battery, this device will definitely bring you comfortable vaping experience.
Kado Stealth 450mAh 8W Ultra Portable System Starter Kit $23.79
The authentic Kado Stealth Starter Kit is a slim pod system kit designed for on-the-go. The Kado Stealth features no buttons and is automatically activated when you inhale. The Kado Stealth features a built-in 450mAh battery in a lightweight zinc alloy and rubber construction. The Kado Stealth is optimized for nicotine salt based e-liquid and the manufacturer recommends a nicotine level between 30 and 60mg. The Kado Stealth comes with 2ml refillable cartridge. The Kado Stealth includes a micro USB charging cable.
[Image: authentic-kado-stealth-450mah-8w-ultra-p...ld-2ml.jpg]
Limitless Pulse 380mAh 8W Pod System Vape Pen Starter Kit $29.90
The authentic PLY Rock Pulse Pod System Starter Kit is designed to be slim, compact, and easily transported, featuring versatile ultra portable pod system that allows you to use your favorite e-liquids. The kit comes with 380mAh built-in battery and 8W output power. The Pulse is activated and used by a draw-activated firing mechanism, making it easy to vape whenever you like.
[Image: authentic-limitless-pulse-380mah-8w-pod-...ue-2ml.jpg]
Original VapeOnly Aura 2000mAh All-in-One Starter Kit $32.99
The original VapeOnly Aura AIO Kit is a pen-style device that is designed for beginner or those who want a convenient vape when they are on the go. It comes with 2000mAh built-in battery, which can provide quite a long time for vaping. The atomizer has about 2ml of juice capacity. The innovative dust cap keeps the drip tip clean, and it can be attached to the bottom of the kit due to the magnet. The kit also features adjustable airflow design and child-proof lock design. This item also has other colors to choose.
Original Aspire Breeze 2 1000mAh All-in-One Starter Kit $34.99
The original Aspire Breeze 2 AIO Kit has a built-in 1000mAh battery, it has an improved filling method compare to its previous version. The same compact and ergonomic design but a more convenient pod system that holds 2ml capacity e-juice, or a slightly larger 3ml version. It is ergonomic and comfortable to hold. The great U-tech coil technology ensures you a flavorful vape. This item also has other colors to choose.
Smokjoy OPS-1 1100mAh All-in-One Starter Kit - Black $26.99
The authentic Smokjoy OPS-1 Starter Kit is a tiny and portable device for you on the go. It utilizes built-in 1100mAh battery for full power output and comes with 2ml refillable pods, with both 0.6 and 1.2ohm for MTL and DTL experience.This item also has many colors to choose.
SMOK ROLO Badge portable Kit - Prism Black $22.99
The authentic SMOK ROLO Badge Kit, shaped like a brilliant emblem, just fits into the palm of your hand with comfortable hand feeling. This stealthy mod comes with 250 mAh built-in battery and 2ml capacity pod, bringing you unprecedented smooth flavor.
[Image: authentic-smoktech-smok-rolo-badge-250ma...6w-2ml.jpg]

Authentic SMOK Infinix portable Kit $18.99
The authentic SMOK Infinix Kit is a smart device that you do not need to press any fire button, just simply inhale to enjoy the amazing vaping. It has sleek appearance, the mini body can be your best partner wherever you go. It has built-in 250mAh battery, which can provide you with dense clouds. Two pods are included in the kit, both of which have 2ml capacity, you can fill them with the e-liquid you like.

This kit is standard edition.
[Image: authentic-smoktech-smok-infinix-250mah-s...6w-2ml.jpg]
Original SMOKTech SMOK Fit 250mAh Starter Kit - Gun Metal $18.99
The Original SMOK Fit Kit is the fittest kit for those who want a portable device. Fit features ultra slim figure, small and exquisite, all-in-one design, light and portable, plug and vape, plug and charge, built-in 250mAh battery, and 2ml e-liquid capacity. Small size, ergonomically designed, easy to carry, a stealth device just fits into your pocket; wherever you go, toss it into the pocket, you can freely enjoy your on-the-go vaping trip.

This kit is standard edition.
[Image: authentic-smoktech-smok-fit-250mah-start...6w-2ml.jpg]

Original Smoant S8 Pod Starter Kit - Prussian Blue $19.99
The Original Smoant S8 Pod Starter Kit is designed for vape beginner. The Smoant S8 features streamline appearance for better grip. Powered by built-in 370mAh battery, the S8 will satisfy your needs for simple puffs. The cartridge has 2ml of juice capacity and is refillable. The air-activated switch makes the S8 pretty easy to vape.
[Image: authentic-smoant-s8-370mah-pod-starter-k...13-ohm.jpg]
Original Tesla Silver Pod Starter Kit - Black $21.99
The original Tesla Silver Pod Starter Kit is made of lightweight aluminum and PC, making it so portable and lightweight in your hands. It comes with a 350mAh inbuilt battery and 2ml pod cartridge. The device will be fully charged in 1.8 hours. The Tesla Silver Pod Starter Kit is designed to be slim, compact, and easily transported, making it easy to vape whenever you like. USB charging cable is included.

Original SMOKTech SMOK X-Force Kit - Black $28.99
The SMOK X-Force Kit is constructed from the PC and PCTG material. As a first one-button activation device by Smoktech in minimalist design, its color, carved lines and cutting design shows the beauty of modern style. powered by one internal 2000mAh build-in battery, that can bring you excellent vaping experience. There are 5 LED indicators that can show you the battery status obviously. X-Force tank is refillable with a large e-juice capacity up to 7ml, supporting bottom filling. And what's more remarkable design is the fantastic X-Force Coil - the transverse coil, which is different from the previous layout structure, providing diversified vaping experiences to all the vapers.
Original HQD Comma 380mAh All-in-one Pod System Starter Kit $26.99
The original HQD Comma Kit looks very ergonomic and very convenient to use, designed like a water drop, made from Zinc Alloy and PC. It features a 380mAh rechargeable battery with 2ml refillable pod cartridges. HQD Comma Kit is the first pod system kit with LED screen to check vaping status in the electronic cigarette industry, which is very unique in pod kits. There is no button and no setting, all the information about quantity of power, puffs and other vaping data has been shown on the LED screen. Moreover, the output power range is from 20W to 40W, makes it a very suitable for new beginners.
[Image: authentic-hqd-comma-380mah-all-in-one-po...pc-2ml.jpg]

Original Usonicig Rhythm UltraSonic E-Cig 1500mAh Starter Kit $70.99
The original Usonicig Rhythm UltraSonic starter kit adopts the advanced UltraSonic technology of Ultra-high frequency ceramic vibration that vibrate at 2,400,000 times per second, which will turn E-liquid into vapor. In this way, you will experience the unique pure and smooth flavor. It works with built-in 1500mAh battery and 2.0ml capacity tank which meet your daily need. The most outstanding feature is the bold design of the fire button combine music element with mechanical principle, bring you both visual and tactile enjoyment. Along with beautiful indication of power design, brilliant lights build on the advanced indication and protection functions to let you know what situation the device is. Small body but subvert your recognition again and again. In a word, if you want to enjoy amazing vaping life, you simply must try this amazing new device. Usonicig Rhythm is a great vaping device for you.
[Image: authentic-usonicig-rhythm-ultrasonic-e-c...-24mhz.jpg]
Original Joyetech TEROS start kit $23.99
The Original Joyetech TEROS start kit is an all-in-one pod system with draw activated firing mechanism. It features a compact size with comfortable handling feeling. Discard the fire button, simply vape on it. Having a refillable side filling solution, it offers 2ml e-liquid capacity which is TPD compliant. Powered by ECO technology, it offers you long using time. It also has thermochromic and photochromic finishes where the color changes by sunlight or environment temperature. A 480mAh built-in battery powers the device with an indicator light which indicates working condition and battery life. The TEROS is such an elegant, simple, and versatile pod system that could be your next pocket vape. This item also has other colors to choose.
Orignal Wismec HiFlask 2100mAh All-in-one Starter Kit $32.79
Being ergonomic and slick, HiFlask is the first pod for all vapers which features exquisite adjustable airflow system, made from PETG and Silicone. Innovative JVUA (Juice Vertical and U Airflow) system is the first application for Wismec e-cigarettes, offering you pure flavor as well as large clouds. The replaceable cartridge is refillable with 5.6ml / 2ml e-liquid capacity, which will definitely provide you with unexpected vaping enjoyment. Moreover, the unique design of airflow control and cartridge lock makes HiFlask much more attractive and popular. It is powered by built-in 2100mAh battery and supports 2A quick charging. Simply open the filling lid, you can finish the refilling quickly and easily.
[Image: authentic-wismec-hiflask-2100mah-all-in-...licone.jpg]

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