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Reasons Why Vaping Is Safer (and better) Than Cigarettes
So by now most of the people out there have heard of or are a vape user. More and more people are switching over from cigarettes to vaporizors. Why???

Vaporizors, or vapes, are a rechargeable device that runs on e juice to produce water vapor.


- No ash, no mess (well, unless you have butterfingers and drop your e juice bottle)

-saves LOADS of money! (one 15 mL E-juice bottle of 12% nicotine for $13 is equal to approximately 8-10 packs of cigarrettes!)

-adjustable nicotine level (the reason why it is so easy to quit cigs)

-FLAVORS!! (hundreds, maybe even thousands of flavors! you name a flavor, its probably available for purchase at a smoke shop)


-Charging time takes hours depending on battery size

-You need to change coils every 2-4 weeks. but coils can go as low as $2 each.

-Every time you want to change a flavor, you need to wash out the tank (Unless you don't care about a little flavor mixing.)

Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin HAPPY VAPING EVERYONE Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin
Don't forget the fact that you are able to blow more smoke with a vaper. It's not really a "pro", but it looks very nice and makes you feel bad-ass.
I think that there is no real debate here, vapers are way better than cigarettes because they have a total different aim, they are something in between until you stop smoking. Sure, they are cheaper, cleaner, healthier and they don't disturb the ones around us, so they are a great option!
I hardly see the charging as a con.. yes, it sucks, but if you have more than one vape then you can charge one during the day while you use another. Or charge it over night.
One point to add - I found myself smoking more when I switched to the electronic cigarettes - and I still smoked regular cigarettes. I think it's because you can smoke them in more places than cigarettes. I do not smoke in my house, but I can walk around and puff on an electronic cigarette all day long - so, I did.
That is no doubt a con AlterB because we can smoke them anywhere, but on the other hand it's also a discipline that we need to have in ourselves, do we use it to smoke more or to live a healthier life?
Vaping is so much better no matter which way you slice it and dice it. I really love that they come in all flavors and colors. You can do so many sick smoke tricks that you can't do with a regular old cig. Go team Vape! lol Wink
I wouldn't say no mess. No mess while smoking, yes. But the prep is, in my experience, rather messy and oily. Plus I've broken two cartomizers in my lunchbag and one in my pocket - both times a serious pain in the a** to clean up.

Still better than dealing with a broken cig in my pocket though, so I guess it balances out.
The pros I think are in the order:
Safer, Health hazards are almost non-existent, Civilized.
Cost factor, some health risk.
The cost factor is not a con foodietr, are you aware of how much it costs a pack of cigarettes these days? And it's pretty common for people to smoke 1 or 2 pack a day, so if you do the maths vaping actually saves you money as well.

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