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Reactions in Public to E-cigs?
LOL, I can't relate Star Wars and Vaping, but I think that soon enough a lot of vaping will be appearing in movies, why not, it's a part of society already.
theorginazation Wrote:I am trying to get into using E-cigs, but was wondering how others react when you use them in public. Are people annoyed by their use or are they generally accepting? Also, is it illegal in any states to use them in public?

Personally as long as they are legal in the country you live in I wouldn't bother about how others would react because they have to deal with you smoking e-cigs anyways.
Here's a list of countries where smoking e-cigs is banned or legal: ... tatus.html
Check it out!
I don't think people would be upset, why would they? It's something legal, we are not hurting anyone, so it's just a matter of generating awareness regarding vaping and that will only happen with time.
The places that i use them usually don't have many city slickers so i'm cool. When i am in the city around the general public they assume its a normal one. I get tired of telling managers it is not a normal one so i just don't smoke it there.
The looks probably come because they dont notice right away its a E cig. If people just see smoke indoors they might freak out before realizing what it really is.
Well the more fancy the E-cig gets the more people will look, I used to use one that looked like a regular cigarette and never seemed to get anyone paying attention to me. They are so common these days that people who look at you are probably thinking "Oh good, I can walk past him without getting second hand smoke."
I think it just depends on the people you surround yourself with. There's certain people I would feel comfortable vaping around. The same goes the other way around if someone doesn't like smoke, they most likely won't like vape. But it's not like I haven't had times where nonsmokers commented on the smell of my vape :p

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