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REVIEW: KangerTech EVOD E-cig
The KangerTech EVOD is a great starter ecig. Easy to use, good e-cig. The battery has a good life on it and the tank is glass with see-slots to see how much juice you have in it. The coils are cheap and they are easy to change out. You can swap out the tips for different designs and shapes of the tips.

Ease of use is the best part of this. You start with a 1.8 Ohms coil but I think 1.5 ohms would be better when you first start after a while of none usage the juice is kinda on the cooler side and personally I like a warmer vape.

Design is good with the look-through and you can get it in colors. I got mine in metal but, black, blue, pink, red, white I think it all available. Vapes good with all vapes I have used up to this point in it. You can wash the tank out ever so often and clean it.
The EVOD from Kanger is the bomb! Smile

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REVIEW: KangerTech EVOD E-cig00