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Protecting my gear from the heat?
Getting ready to go on a long road trip…and since it summer in Arizona I'm a little concerned about my stuff overheating in the car. Of course I'll be using the A/C while I'm driving but I may have some long stops. Should I put my stuff in a cooler?

What about using it outside on a hot day? I find sometimes my batteries don't work as well in high temperatures and I am wondering if there are any precautions or special packing I should do for my ecig stuff before I travel?
Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight and extreme temperatures can reduce your batteries life from what I read.

I know that my juices can thin out a bit when kept in a hot car and this can cause the juice to leak past some o rings in tanks and cleromizers so that might be something to think about but the big one is the batteries.

I use pretty expensive sony vtc 4 and vtc 5 batteries in my mods so I never leave my device in a hot car for more than 15 minutes or so. I usually just put the device in my pocket although I never carry just the batteries in my pocket since they MIGHT make contact with other metal items like keys and short out.

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