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Problems with mouth/tongue ulcers?
Kind of a grotesque subject, I know, but I often find after a heavy vape session that I'm suffering from one or more ulcers on my tongue and lining of my mouth. Does anybody else have this issue or issues similar? I've found that using vegan liquid helps a lot, but that stuff is hard to find here for reasons unknown.
wow no I haven't had issues with that so far but ill have to make sure to do some searching on the topic.
I've found that some vapors can irritate a cut or something similar in my mouth, but I've never had one cause an ulcer. Maybe you could try vapor from a few different sellers? You might have an allergy or sensitivity to some of the flavorings vendors use.
There are many things that could be. you may want to go see a doctor if it happens often. i can imagine the pain alone is horrible. What strength Nic are your using? Perhaps you need to step down a bit from that strength and see if that helps. Or you could be having an allergic reaction to a flavor or the vg/pg its self.
Thanks for the advice everyone, I've switched to a lower nicotine solution (before I was on 36mg liquid, which is powerful goddamn stuff) and while I'm smoking more, I haven't had any ulcers to report yet :mrgreen:
I did suffer from ulcers a lot. Don't know if the cause of them was vaping, but I went to the doctor and got a medicine and it helps so far.
I am glad you found out what it was. You were vaping 36ml? Wow! I only see 24ml as the highest around where I am and that alone makes my mouth tingle. My girlfriend vapes 6ml and can't stand the taste of mine at 18ml. She takes a hit and then all I hear is "Ewwwww the burn the burn." Then we laugh our heads off.

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