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Prices for E-liquid and Replacement Heads
Just placed a couple of orders to stock up on e-liquid and replacement heads. While I was at it, I looked through my previous orders to see how long my last supply lasted and was shocked. I haven't ordered since January 1st! Based on that and thanks to the sale prices I was able to find today, my next three months+ of vaping cost only $60 (and even that's a bit skewed because I still have e-liquids I don't want to vape but could).
it's pretty insane to think about the savings we all can see when compared to smoking analog cigs. I have a 40oz bottle of juice left, two rolls of coil wire (about 300ft), and almost a full bag of cotton balls lol.

I have been using that batch of supplied for a few months and I can't begin to guess at how long all that will last me lol.

It's definitely better than wasting close to 300 bucks a month on smokes.
This is interesting. Here, in my country, the prices for e-liquids are a bit lower (maybe they adapt to the standard of living).

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Prices for E-liquid and Replacement Heads00