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Pre-Sell: HQD Comma Vape Pod Ststem Kit|Innovative LCD Screen
Pre-Sell: HQD Comma Vape Pod Ststem Kit|Innovative LCD Screen
HQD Comma Vape Pod Ststem Kit
[Image: hqd_comma_-1_5.jpg]
HQD Comma Pod System Starter Kit has got its name because its appearance like a comma, which features smooth lines and ergonomic shape to offer you comfortable hand feelings. In terms of HQD Comma, you should know it is the first pod vape kit with LED screen to check vaping details(like puffs and remaining battery) in the e-cigarette industry, thus you can know these from the 0.55inch round screen rather than the shining condition of LED lights. With many working conditions similar to Suorin Drop, Comma powered by the built-in 380mAh battery prolongs the using time, and it supports 650s/216puffs on a charge. Get HQD Comma Pod Vape Kit in your hand and enjoy your optimal vaping now!

Air-driven system;
Built-in 380mAh battery;
Compact all-in-one pod system;
Pod system with innovative LED indicator;
Material: Zinc Alloy + PC;
Weight: 66g;
Battery Capacity: 380mAh;
Power Range: 20~40W;
Input Voltage: 5V;
E-liquid Capacity: 2ml

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Suorin Drop Starter Kit
[Image: 610301_5_.jpg]
The Suorin Drop is all about making life simple and the design revolves around an array of smart features. This kit is an all-in-one, and it works with refillable cartridges that offer some excellent simplicity. The replaceable pods are magnetic, and they hold 2ml of vape juice. The firing is activated by the draw, allowing for maximum convenience; there is no easier way to get things going! The Drop has an internal 310mAh battery, and it is equipped with an LED battery life indicator that lets you know where your capacity stands at all times. A 13W output allows for very nice, smooth hits that deliver well on the mouth to lung experience.

Capacity: 2ml of liquid
Size: 73 X 49 X 12mm
Resistance: 1.3Ω - 1.4Ω
Battery: 300mAh rechargeable via Mini USB

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Pre-Sell: HQD Comma Vape Pod Ststem Kit|Innovative LCD Screen00