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Pics of my penny mods
Hi all,

Been awhile since I posted pics of my devices so I thought I would show off my two "penny" mods (copper mods).

The one on the left is the copper Hades clone. It is a 26650 sized mod which takes a battery that is about the size of a C battery.

Sitting on top of it is the copper TOBH rebuild-able atomizer clone. I have the 30mm version but it is so beefy that it causes a ton of voltage drop which hurts the vaping experience so I opted to lose the flush fitting and go for better vaping.

On the right is the copper nemesis mod, which I don't know if you can call a clone since there isn't a legit copper version but it does have the creators logo so meh.

Sitting on top of this mod is the Mephisto rebuild-able atomizer which I have to say is awesome lol. It has huge holes in the posts to accommodate a ton of various build using thicker or multiple wires.

I love the patina that copper takes on, it give it sort of a steam punk look.

The second pic is me firing the Mephisto, it is a single coil of 4 wraps around a 5/32nd drill bit using 24g kanthal wire and reads out at 0.57 ohms resistance.

[Image: ZYge0Rgl.jpg]

[Image: gr94jhYl.jpg]

I normally use dual coils at around 0.5 ohms but this single JUMBO coil setup is awesome, lots of flavor and vapor (even with just a single coil).


Each piece of equipment was between $24-$35 on ebay.
Fantastic mod! That huge ass coil is insane. I have a friend who is getting into cloud chasing and she has a Sparta rig with dual coils at the moment. The weight of it is just too much for me. I like slimmer and sleek. Love those clouds you are getting off it.
Nice mod have you added any to this collection since then?
Thanks Smile and yep I just got my Pegasus clone in today. It was only $26 bucks and it is amazing, check out the pics in this forum post
Awesome mods! I'm looking into something similar now. Still haven't made the leap yet. I think I may wait and just ask for it from my family for Christmas. It's so easy to get them to buy me vaping supplies since I don't have to smoke gross ciggs now. lol Again nice setup!

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