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Pics of my mods and tanks
I love that skull design! It looks really nice, and bad-ass at the same time. I envy you for your gear. Seems like you're very dedicated to vaping. Keep it like that!
The one with the gold and blue skulls looks sick! How much do you think that would be brand new and what is the name of that setup? Thanks!!
2times Wrote:The one with the gold and blue skulls looks sick! How much do you think that would be brand new and what is the name of that setup? Thanks!!

Smile thanks man, that setup actually cost about $290 for the body and the skull wrap and the rebuildable tank on top was about $35 I will post a link to the page ont he site where I got the tank and a link to the device and the wrap as well as the list of add ons I chose when purchasing the device.

I actually just sold this device on ebay mainly because I cant use coils with a resistance below 1.0 ohms and I now prefer to build sub ohm coils. It was definitely a great device though.

Pro Vari options:
1 of : Polished Stainless Steel ProVari™ Variable Voltage V2.5 New Design with Digital Display - Estimated Lead Time: 3-5 Business Days [Charger?:Yes, Add MultiCharger][18490 Batteries?:Add Two 18490 AW IMR Batteries][18650 Extension?:Yes, Add the 18650 Extension Cap - Matching Color to Tube][18650 Batteries?:Add Two 18650 AW IMR Batteries][Display and LED Color?:Green Display and LED]

ProVari Info

ProVari Skull Wrap

SMOKTech RSST Atomizer ... k-rsst.htm

For the tank you will need some tools and supplies like kanthal wire and cotton balls for wicks , you can find a list here

and there is a link to an ohms law calculator to check what builds your batteries can handle
Dying in envy of your gear. Cool set up!
Nice collection buddy! I really love the skull one it's sick.
Smile thanks guys, it took awhile but i finally found a mod and atomizer setup that I love. It is the Copper Nemesis clone and the Atomic Dripping Atomizer with dual coils and cotton wicks running at 0.4 - 0.5 ohms resistance. I actually donated a few of those pieces to others that were moving up from lower end vapes to mid range.
The blue one with the skull on top looks really cool! I like the skull on the bottom part as well! Thanks for the pictures of your setup! I'm pretty new to vaping, so this will certainly serve as inspiration for my future setups!
Do you sell them yourself? I love your set up! That skull one is cool looking and my fiance would love to have something like that. Where can I purchase one similar to that one?

Battery Joyetech 510cc
[Image: joyetech-510cc-150mah-battery.jpg]
The 510cc Joyetech Battery 150mAh is one of the functional parts of an e-Cigarette.
Length: 73.7mm
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150mAh lithium battery

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