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PG oR VG Oil
So there are two main types of electronic cigarette oils that I know of. When I first got me Ego-T, I experienced quite a bit of itching within the first week of using it. During this time I wasn't smoking analogue cigarettes at all, and my diet hadn't changed. SO I attributed this change to the oil that I was using, which was Propylene Glycol (PG)

I googled it to see whether or not the vaping was causing the itching, and there seemed to be a link between vaping and itching.

Someone suggested that I order a Vegetable Glycol oil, and I did as suggested. Poof, the itching stopped.

Apparently the VG oil is a lot purer.

Which oil do you vape?
I myself never experienced an allergy to PG but pure PG is way to much throat hit for my tastes so I go with a 50/50 blend or 20% PG/80%VG blend when i want more vapor production.

Now that I am down to just about zero nicotine though, I may increase the PG amount in my blend because that loss of nicotine has reduced the throat hit and I kind of miss it now lol.
I vape the "standard" 50/50 PG/VG.
To be honest I haven't tried combinations like 20/80 and a like.
But I'm happy with 50/50. The taste is good. The vapor feel right to me. A biiiig cloud Big Grin
I also think that I might have an allergy or at least a reaction to PG oil. Whenever I vape something with PG, I get heavy coughs. I have to say I`ll go for VG from now on.
Yep 50/50 seems to be the standard, but i wanted to get a bit more vapor so i bumped up the vg. I think that I actually might go back to 50/50 to get a bit more throat hit back.

And Chris, I know that a decent amount of ppl have mentioned similar effects from PG so going VG may be the best way to go Smile
Both are good and I'd use them without making a specific choice but the PG Oil is cheaper in my country. Thus, I am using it more than I use VG.

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