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No Vapors Allowed At Work
My sisters work place turned their facility into a non smoking place, understandable. But they can not even smoke their vapors or they get written up.
I think that is going a bit too far, because those vape cigs are not harming anyone around them.
It's so easy for people to forbid vaping without understanding what vaping exactly is, they just forbid everything, it's way easier than saying smoking forbidden, except vaping...
wow, not even in say the break room for example? Is this a small company or some bigger chain type of place?
I worked at Horseshoe casino nearby this past winter part time, temporary just to make some extra Christmas cash, and they were allowing employees to vape as long as it wasn't on the gaming floor. Of course someone complained about the people in the Dining/break room taking hits. There was a long meeting with HR but it was decided vaping would be lumped in with smoking and had to be regulated to the smoking break area or outside. It just amazes me how long it can take for people to catch up with what technology is offering.
Ah wow, yea honestly though I would be completely fine being restricted to vaping outside or in the break rooms. I of course would be a little upset if I was forced to vape with the cig smokers and not allowed to kind of step a bit away from the smoking area but outside is cool with me.
I'm not against having a specified area either, but, like you, i don't want to be thrown in a confined space with all the cig smokers either. There has to be a middle we can reach to satisfy the masses.
Tell your sister to take her break in a bathroom stall, they can't put camera's in the bathroom by law and then she can smoke in there and no one will ever even know! Problem solved, my work place was filled with smokers so I never had this problem, but what they don't know won't hurt.
This is so frustrating. I have been vaping at my desk since I started over 2 years ago. Just in the last month, my boss tells me that although he doesn't mind it, someone has complained and they are going to issue an official policy to ban them in the building, and told me I can't use it inside "where anyone can see me."

So, I go into the bathroom. Or sometimes the boss's office when he's not here! But I am more than annoyed that it has been OK all this time and suddenly they want to stop me. I am pretty sure it must be because of a new employee, since it hasn't been an issue for all this time and we have hired several new people in the past couple months.

Obviously I am not liking this policy but I really like having a job and I'm pretty sure there isn't much I can do about it now that the HR director has made up her mind, so frequent bathroom trips it is. *sigh*
Most work places in my area treat vaping like smoking. Smoke-free places don't allow it at all. Some hosipitals refuse to hire you if you vape which doesn't sound ethical at all to me but that's what you get with a screwed up medical system. My work is getting more a more people vaping so I hope to see it as being accepted more soon enough. I actually started the vaping revolution at work - pretty cool because at least 50 people are doing it now. I may of saved 50 people from cancer causing analogs Smile
I always suggest just buy yourself a small vape pen you can fit in your pocket if your job flat out says no smoking of any kind. Just stealth it, slip in the bathroom get a few good lung fulls or slip outside on a break and problem solved.

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