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Nicotinee-free juice
I noticed while I was in the shop today, that they stocked a small range of nicotine-free juices. I think it's a great option for people who are aiming to quit using nicotine altogether. Does anyone here actually use the nicotine-free juices? How would you rate them?
Yup, I have been vaping zero nic juice for a few months with the exception of a low nic right in the morning with my coffee.

The only real difference I can see is that the juice with nic in it has a lot more throat hit once you have been on zero nic for awhile. I can't imagine vaping something like 12mg now, i wouldn't be able to breath lol.
I think that if we are quiting to smoke it's better to start with some nicotine juices, but after a while we no longer have the addiction and we can switch to others healthier ones, nicotine free.
I like how there are a lot more nicotine free varieties coming out, I see more and more popping up every time I visit my favorite shop. I prefer my juice with nicotine though. I like getting a little buzz while I'm puffing my vape.
I think for most it helps them deal with the habit of smoking rather than the physical addiction. If you're used to smoking several times a day you may need extra help kicking the simple activity of walking outside and taking a few minutes break. I also once saw and advertisement for a diet company that was selling cheap e-cigs with nicotine-less juice for people trying to fight cravings for sugary food.
I'll sometimes go through spells of using nicotine-free liquids, but in the end the cravings always make me crack because I'm WEEEEAAAK. Still, they cut down my usage which is never a bad thing, it's a lot like the nicotine-free options for hookahs and water pipes.

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