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Nicotine Levels? Flavors?
Hi everyone!
After reading through the threads on the forum, I would consider myself to be a beginner compared to everyone else on here when it comes to vaping. Me and my husband Johnny have tried the brand, "Blue"? It was our first E-cigarette to ever try. My first impressions were that it was expensive, but supposedly they are supposed to last longer than a pack of cigarettes. Well, to my disappointment, it did not last me even two days before going out & tasting like a battery! Although it discouraged me a little, we ended up experimenting more with another E-cigarette called, "Enjoy". I believe it's what it was called. For sure, I know that I did NOT "enjoy" it! :lol: Last week, we went into a local convenience store by our house & it was our first time getting a "True Vapor". My husband is hooked on them! I like them but every now and then I still crave a regular chemical filled cigarette! :oops: Maybe it's the flavor or could it be the nicotine level in ours is too low? I want to be able to vape as much as the hubby! Anyone have some suggestions? It has to have nicotine in it! I'd like to spend less than $50...We are a bit clueless when it comes to vaping but extremely interested in learning more! Thanks to anyone in advance!
Hi Bella, welcome to the forums!

Like yourself, I tried the cig style vapes and they just didn't cut it for me. I need more throat hit, more nicotine, more flavor.

I found a vision spinner batter and got a couple tanks a charger and some juice and never looked back lol.

this is a kit that my favorite eshop sells now but i bought my pieces individually. Its a few bucks higher than you are looking to spend but its a good set up and comes with everything other than the juice.

Here is another kit they sell, the Innokin brand is really good, I have one of their higher end vaporizers and love it.

In the end though, you need to get higher mg nicotine, and find that flavor that makes analog smokes taste nasty lol.

I was a menthol smoker so i started with a mix of 12mg nicotine East Cost tobacco and Extreme Ice from I got each with 2 extra flavor shots, 50/50 pg vg blend and mixed the two evenly in a larger bottle. You probably dont have spare bottles yet so you can mix the juice in a zip lock, then cut the corner off and funnel the mixed juice into your two now empty bottles.

here is the tobacco juice

And here is the extreme ice

I tried to buy some of their menthol tobacco juices but this mix was just far batter in my opinion.

I have been smoke free and almost nicotine free for a few months and prior to that for about 6 months I was only smoking a few cigs a day. Now if I try to smoke a real cig, I have to wash my mouth out with my vaporizer because they just taste so bad lol.

I started by making sure I hit my vape first thing in the morning with coffee, and it sat right by the dinner table or wherever I might be eating a meal. These two activities helped train my to reach for a vape instead of a smoke at the two most touchy times for a smoker. My neighbor mentioned that he also makes sure to keep his by his nightstand as well.

Feel free to ask anything ans we will try to help you guys out.
You probably bought cartomizers from the look of it. Although they try to simulate the look of a real cigarette, they don`t really cut it in the vaping world.

What I would recommend is, you buy a standard clearomizer tank, which should hold about 2,5 ml or liquid with a pen battery and try out some high concentration e-juice. Start at 24 mg of concentration and just pick any flavor you think you would like.

You can always reduce the nicotine levels until you find something that you can vape for about a week or so.

Currently I`m vaping 24 mg of rose flavored liquid with my standard clearo and it lasts me about 1 week, while priced at about 5 euros/4 dollars. In comparison a pack of 20 cigs sells at about 4 euros in my country. So the amount of money I save is significant.
lol I remember when i ordered my first bottle of e-juice and mistakenly got the 32mg 100% pg, I almost fell out of my chair trying to get that first hit out of my lungs lol.

I'd go with what Chris said and get the 24mg, I forgot they had that between the 12 and 32.
There are 32mg liquids available? Big Grin That is news to me. I would want to check those out, but in a VG variety. I have found that I can`t really vape PG concentrations at all. Almost instant heavy coughing is what I get out of those.
Flavours.. hmm
In the beginning i vaped tobacco flavours with 18/24 mg of nicotine.
But know I vape something a bit more sweet.
A watermelon, grape and menthol mix called "Thug Juice" and one called "bannas gone nuts" which is bananas and nuts Big Grin
Both at 6 or 12 mg of nicotine.
Go with 24mg. The flavors are great to say the least. i love snikerdoodle feels like I am smoking cookies!
just an update, after diluting down my juice with 246 mg bottles of zero nic juice I must be at almost zero nic because i tried a 3mg nic juice today and got a head rush with a big throat hit (from the nic). I must be closer to no nic than I originally thought.
May I give you some advice? If you aren't a smoker, don't buy anything with nicotine, since it's addictive.
Lithium Wrote:May I give you some advice? If you aren't a smoker, don't buy anything with nicotine, since it's addictive.

It's strange, some people don't think that a non-smoker would want to vape but there are those that do and hopefully they are informed to stay away from the nic liquids before getting their first set up.

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