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Newbie from the UK
Hi guys Smile

Well I'm a little ashamed to admit that I've been smoking cigarettes now for about 25 years. My kids have been encouraging me to quit, and they suggested that I tried using E cigs.

So I walked into a specialist shop a couple of weeks ago, saw the multitude of choices, got confused, and left!

I'm here to hopefully learn a bit about vapourisers, with the ultimate goal of becoming an ex cigarette smoker.
Hi there, welcome to the group!

I myself smoked for about 15 years (two packs a day) and nothing worked. Vaping is the ONLY thing that has worked and I am proud to say that I have been smoke and nicotine free for about 7 months now and don't even think about smokes anymore and keep in mind I have a very addictive personality and loved my smokes lol.

Here is a great (but long) videos that covers the various types of devices and other helpful info.

Feel free to ask ANYTHING at all and someone will help ya as best they can.
Thank you for the warm welcome Smile

It's really encouraging to hear that you've managed to quit the cigarettes after being a long term smoker like me. I also have an addictive personality type. Well done - every ex smoker needs congratulating, it is an achievement!

Thanks for the link to the video, it definitely looks like it's worth a watch. I had a quick look at the first few minutes and the guy seems enthusiastic and persuasive. I'll set aside some time later to devote to it.
Hey there ruby, welcome to the forum! I hope you do visit the other sections as well, if you haven't done it by now, looking forward to see you there. Smile

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