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New Study States Ecig Regulation Is Unwarranted
Now researchers are saying despite any unknown long term effects, Vaping is safer and a better alternative to smoking. They say any risks discovered down the line will be lower than the risks of smoking analogs. Very encouraging news, hopefully someone will listen.

I want the food that I buy in the grocery store regulated. Nicotine is toxic and there have been injuries and deaths from the liquid concentrates used in e-cigs. Carelessly produced liquids could be a hazard even if used in the standard way. The industry and users need to insist on reasonable regulations to keep the product safe. E-cigs hold the promise of being a safer way to use tobacco, and one that is more polite. You don't want to fill up your e-cig, take a puff, and hope the medics arrive in time.
Let me make it clear that my previous post does not constitute an anti e-cig view. You do not want to buy medicine from black-market manufacturers. You want your hamburger to be from regulated sources. You would not want your e-juice to be 10 times as potent as you think it is. Quality regulation is reasonable and desirable. I am a pipe smoker and wish there were e products that would suit me.
I somewhat agree that the regulation is required, but not to the point of making it so expensive you can't afford it at all. What the Tobacco industry wants is out right banning. Period. All because this product will cut into their profits on top of saving lives. They do not care that millions die every day.
As for you being a pipe smoker, there are products suitable for you in the vapor market

Black Cavendish from Fuzion tastes and smells like the real thing ... ld-005.htm ... 93254b679b ... etail.html

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