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New E-cig user
Hello my name is Kyle. I have chewed tabacco for the past two years, and I just recently bought a CE4 Electronic Cigarette two weeks ago. I have found that I am chewing less and using the e-cig more and that is definitely a good thing. Anyone else trying to quit chew or cigarettes?
Hey there Kyle, welcome to the group! That CE4 is a good start vape for sure man. I had the same experience as yourself when I started vaping a year ago and I have been off the cigs for about 6 months now with no "slip ups", just keep telling yourself it is ok to smoke a few while quitting and it takes a bit of the stress off (if there is any lol). I just had to have that net there in cause i just couldn't take it and wanted a smoke for those first few months.

if ya ever want to move up to different devices we have a few posts in the pics of your setup forum you can check out.

oh and feel free to share this site, the more the merrier!

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