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Myrtle Beach resorts
Some hotel chains in Myrtle Beach have now listed in their smoking section that no electronic cigarettes, vaporizing or vaporizers are allowed because of the smell that bothers others. What kinda smell does an electronic cigarette put off?!? Nothing! This is so crazy!
That is something really insane, so they gave themselves the trouble to forbid vaping because of the inexistent smell? I don't know if some VIP client complained, most likely something like that happened.
Well to be fair there are some strong ones that have like the mint smell that puts it into the air, but I have no idea why anyone would complain about that, that is just stupid. Key to getting past all this "No e-sig" laws is just to casually walk into a bathroom and smoke some in a stall, problem solved.
So wait, you are saying the smokers are complaining about Vapes being used in the smoking area? That's just the pot calling the kettle black :lol:
[Image: restaurants-smoker-smokers-tobacco-cigar...nn528l.jpg]

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