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My Local Store Juices
I hope I am posting in the correct spot but I wanted to share a place near me that has the most amazing juices. If you are in the area you should REALLY check them out! They are called Vape Solutions in Newton, NC, USA. They have a facebook but not sure if they are shipping orders out as of yet. They have a huge variety of E-juices and my favorite flavor at the moment is Irish Mint which is very similar to a Baileys Creamer. The juices have just the right mixture of PG and VG so they are not too thick and never clog up my clearomizers. They also have strong flavors that last and do not go away after steeping. If you are in the area you should check them out!! Big Grin
I'm sadly not in the area, but I will check out their facebook page. Thanks for recommending that store. Smile

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