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More options of cotton from 3fvape
Hi my friends,
use the coupon code
2016CyberMonday to get the 8% off nice cotton!
You can not miss!
Original Demon Killer Muscle Cotton Organic Cotton Fiber $2.99
The Original Demon Killer Muscle cotton uses a proprietary purifying process at their states of the art GMP certified facility that removes all impurities, natural oils, and pesticides to ensure that the wick is 100% tasteless.
[Image: authentic-demon-killer-muscle-cotton-org...-035oz.jpg]
Original FLASHWICKS Flash Wicks for RBA / RDA / RTA Rebuildable Atomizer $5.79
The FLASHWICKS is different from the ordinary vape wicks. It is made 100% Pima Cotton which contains no pesticide. The length of hemp fibers is 200% longer than cotton. The Flash Wicks are suitable for RBA / RTA / RDA atomizers.
[Image: authentic-flashwicks-flash-wicks-for-rba...cotton.jpg]
Original Vapjoy Jellyfish Wicking Organic Cotton Pack for RBA / RDA / RTA / RDTA Atomizer $4.99
Jellyfish cotton pack has been specifically manufactured for vaping. We selected top rank quality natural organic cotton fiber. The cotton is taken with proprietary purification process to remove impurities, natural oils and pesticides. The medical level facilities make sure all processing are carefully treated and 100 percent tasteless cotton for wicking.
[Image: authentic-vapjoy-jellyfish-wicking-organ...strips.jpg]
Original Vapesoon Organic Cotton Wick for RBA / RTA / RDA $1.39
Do you want to DIY your RBA with suitable wicks? Here is the Original Vapesoon Organic Cotton wick with 60 x 50mm size. It is suitable for RBA / RTA / RDA atomizers.
[Image: authentic-vapesoon-organic-cotton-wick-f...-5-pcs.jpg]
Original Wick N Vape Cotton Bacon V2.0 for E-Cigarettes $5.99
The Original Wick N Vape Cotton Bacon V2.0 is designed with large fibers for low ohm builds and will leave you with minimal dry hits. This cotton provides more capacity and clean pure flavor! Cotton Bacon V2 is as easy as pinch, tear, wick and vape!
[Image: authentic-wick-n-vape-cotton-bacon-v20-f...rettes.jpg]
Original Muji Rectangle Cotton Wick for RDA / RTA / RBA / Rebuildable Atomizer $9.99
The Original Muji rectangle cotton wick is suitable for RDA / RTA / RBA / rebuildable atomizer. It comes with 60 x 50mm size.
[Image: authentic-muji-rectangle-cotton-wick-for...80-pcs.jpg]

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More options of cotton from 3fvape00