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More exotic flavors that you`ve never tried out
I think I have yet to see cinnamon or honey flavor. I bet you could very easily combine those with apple or lemon flavor and create something awesome. Ginger would also be a liquid flavor I`ve never seen in stores. What are flavors that you guys would like to try out?
I've seen cinnamon but haven't tried it because I hear that it is one flavor that is bad for plastic tanks, along with acidic flavors like citrus juices. Now that I have my glass tank I might have to try flavors like this.

Ginger sounds like it would be awesome but I haven't seen any yet. I myself would like to try more liquor flavors like various rums and whiskeys.
Ooh, the honey sounds nice. I know my boyfriend is always looking for more "mixed" flavors, something like guava-mango, banana-coconut, etc. I think he would like the idea of liquor flavors, I have never seen these. Do you have to go somewhere special to purchase them?
The place I buy my juice has a few on this page
Lol, I'm vaping Frosted Cinnamon right now. The place I go to has flavors like honey and cinnamon. I didn't particularly care for the honey but I've bought cinnamon several times. I've had hot cinnamon and the frosted cinnamon. I really like the frosted because it tastes like cinabon. I thought I would like clove a lot more than I did, but it just wasn't that great. I'm going to the vapor store tomorrow and I'm looking for a new flavor. I really, really enjoy Sippin Syrup.
I've never seen marshmallow flavor, but I'd really like to try it. Wait, Jagermeister flavor would be something! :mrgreen:

That would certainly go well with the apple. It would create a nice "apple pie" blend.

Then again, I'm really not sure I want to vape apple pie either, lol. It might just make me want to eat real apple pie instead!
I've never tried to combine any flavor, nor have I tried to buy myself an exotic one, since it was among the most expensive ones.
Wait. Does honey flavor even exist? I have never heard of it before! That's really nice, as honey is one of my favorite foods. I would definetely like to try this one out!

Also, I would like to try the watermelon flavor, just to see how it feels.
I'd love to check out the honey flavour but they're quite rare.

I'm also looking for a mango flavour since it's one of my favorite foods.

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