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Looking to upgrade
Hi all!

I've been using my vape for several months now, and it's helped me cut down cigarette smoking tremendously!

I bought an ego-T which I'd heard is good for beginners and it's treated me well, but I'm looking to upgrade a bit. Preferably something that has the option to change voltage. Sometimes I prefer a lighter hit than other times and currently the only way to change the heat level is to change the cartomizer to another type. I'd also like to find something study considering my boyfriend has already busted 2 of his egos within months of having them. I think if we found something better (and something with adjustable voltage) we could stop smoking cigarettes altogether.

Anyone have any suggestions?
I moved from my ego vision spinner twist battery to the Vamo Mods. They have several versions which are basically different designs and some electronic upgrades, I myself used the vamo 2 and 3 and was very happy with both of them.

You adjust the voltage from 3-6 volts and use coils with any resistance above 1.0 ish.

here is the link to some of them

These are good for the 50 dollar price range but if you have a bit more in your vape budget check out something like this...

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