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List of popular vaping/ecig blogs - Ongoing
Feel free to post a reply with your favorite ecig and vaping blogs to be reviewed/added to this list.
Thanks for sharing these. Not only that they offer useful content, but it's also very relaxing to read them. Thank you again!
In fact, those links look great, thanks for sharing them cerebral. I've been using this site as well as reference, seems pretty complete to me, even though it's not exactly a blog, it offers a great deal of information.
#4 Hope you enjoy!
Ones that I follow and read often:

By the way it's a good idea of a topic to share the blogs we read with other members of this forum. Wink
Impressive the number of blogs that exist, I also have a couple of Facebook groups and the guys are always making reviews there on the new juices and e-cigs.
All these blogs are really cool and offer useful info and this only proves that vaping is more than a hobby, it's something that gathers people, it's more of a passion.
That's true, nothing like browing the blog and checking the review for the new store that opened next to us, in that way we already know if we must go there or if on the contrary we should avoid it.
Thanks all for the links! I updated the list and will make sure to check back for new ones.

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