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Las Vegas Vapor Lounge
Interesting article about vaping and more concretely the Las Vegas Vapor Lounge. Any comments on the interview?

Nevadan at Work: Vaping advocate convinced there’s a healthier alternative to smoking
Really cool article Peninha, thanks for sharing. I love the picture of that guy (Dale Rohrabaugh), the co-owner, he has a face of someone who is really feeling good about himself, nothing like doing what we love I suppose.

From what I've read in the interview I think that a vapor lounge can really create a great atmosphere, I wish I had one near to where I live. Smile
No problem and I agree, nothing like doing what we love and that guy surely has a face that he's loving what he does LOL! I believe that with time more places like this will start appearing, I too hope that I am fortunate enough to have one of these near to where I live.

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