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Just got my copper hades mod/ tobh rda and mephisto rda
I am so happy, I just got my copper hades mod with a matching 30mm tobh rda as well as a 22mm mephisto rda. The hades and tobh are nice because they fit flush but the 22 mm mephisto rda is sick because the holes in the posts are HUGE which allows me to do dual coil builds with very low gauge wires. I will post pics soon but in the mean time imagine the mod in this pic as 100% copper.

I had to use steel wool to remove the protective coating from the copper to get that nice patina but it only took a few minutes so no big deal.

[Image: G3I7ZDhl.jpg]

this mod is sick, it takes a 26650 battery which is like a mix betwen a c and d cell battery
That's a great looking mod, I can't wait to venture into the 26650 realm. I stick with 18650's myself. All these great looking new releases that are rocking 26650 look way too good for me not to try. Where did you purchase this one from if you don't mind me asking?
I picked it up on ebay, so far its a great setup and with the copper 30 mm tobh atty it looks really nice.

The only cons I found were:
  • The mod had a clearcoat that I had to remove with steel wool
    The atty is huge so building coils with very few wraps can be a pain. I switched to 24ga and use about 8-10 wraps.

I actually prefer to use the Mephisto atty on this beast, due to its smaller chamber but massive post holes.

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Just got my copper hades mod/ tobh rda and mephisto rda00