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Just a fad/trend?
I keep hearing people remark that e-cigs and vaping are "just a fad." They think right now is when it's most popular and it's going to die off in a few years.

Do you think there's the potential for it to simply be a fad? Or do you think it's here to stay and could become a mainstay like cigarettes?
I think that the you could say that at the moment its a fad that is going to continue to fuel vapings popularity and in the end you will see more people vaping than smoking.

As someone that has completely replaced smoking with vaping I can honestly say that I don't understand what I saw in smoking real cigarettes but then again when I started, vaping wasn't an option lol.
No. It's something that will last. It's not a trend, it's an innovation. And it will last for at least 50 years until something better comes out.
I've seen kids / teenagers that have bougth vapers because it's "cool" and "a trend". It more a kids' trend than it is to us. And it's a stupid trend.
A lot of teenagers do it just to look 'cool'. But most of the adults do it because they don't have a choice and it's a better thing.
No, I don't think it will be a short lived fad. The technology has finally evolved to provide a handy and enjoyable product. The market has responded with many choices for the end user too. Perceptions of vaping may change over the coming years, but I don't see it going away.
derailed Wrote:I've seen kids / teenagers that have bougth vapers because it's "cool" and "a trend". It more a kids' trend than it is to us. And it's a stupid trend.

It's definitely "stupid" that teens find it cool and trendy, instead of using them to stop smoking analogs but then hey, that's pretty much the reason I picked up smoking in high school so I can't really talk lol.

Im just glad my 17 year old is using his to get off the real smokes and so far it's working like a charm.
Vaporizers are most definitely not a fad/trend. They have been around for a good long while and now that they are portable and battery operated they will continue to stick around. If anything they will gain more popularity before leveling off as commonplace. Not to mention that vaping is a less harmful method of a drug delivery system for nicotine while delivering similar effects.

The only thing I could see changing the popularity are studies proving/claiming harmful effects or laws outright banning them.
I don't really care if it's a trend or not as long as it is cost effective and healthier than regular cigars!
I can see it as a trend among younger kids. They want to pick up on the fad because adults are doing it and it looks fancy, but the wiser folks are doing it because they don't really have any other alternative.

I foresee e-cigs sticking around for a long time. It's an invention, and inventions don't fade after just a few months.

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