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Isit worth stopping fags and going on to vaping if i've smoked for years?
surely the damage has already been done...
It's always worth stopping. The body is amazing at healing itself.
The damage has been done, but you can always do more damage if you continue to smoke. It's worth quitting even after decades of smoking.
Absolutely agree, it's worth it! Besides vaping is safer than smoking cigarettes. For example, CCELL PALM is a good vaporizer. It's powerful, compact and not expensive. So, highly recommend
Surely vaping is a good technique to quit smoking. Recent studies have shown that a person who has adopted vaporizer are able to quit their smoking habit and unlike e-cigarette, it is not containing nicotine and many of the vape formulations like vitamin b12 vape pen contain vitamin or mineral supplements.
Hello! Of course, quit smoking and finally take care of your health! No one will think about it except you. Personally, I took the right path a year ago, quit smoking and drinking, and now I am leading a healthy lifestyle. Also, to keep my body in good condition, I take CBD oil, it also helps me a lot when I experience headaches.
Dude, I stopped around 6 months ago before the quarantine began and my life has changed so much! Food tastes better, I can climb stairs without dying, I don't waste time taking breaks and can concentrate for longer. Not to mention the smell is gone and I dont have to tell people that I'm a smoker. Sure they still don't like vapers but I didnt start smoking in the first place worrying about what people are going to say.

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