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Is it legal to buy one from the internet?
Hmm, as long as it's legal in your country, I don't think so. Anyways, it's a shame that vaping is banned in some countries. It's a really good opportunity to quit smoking.
It is a big shame indeed. Even some doctors have tried using it in order to make their patients quit smoking, which is a proof of its effectiveness.
It's legal here, so I assume you can. My friend actually says he got his from the Internet, so I assume it's a safe bet that you'll be alright. I might buy one on the Internet just because I've been so time-crunched lately.
Why wouldn't it be legal to purchase a vaping device online? As long as your getting it from an established source and not someone who stole them and is trying to pawn them off on other unsuspecting people. Even Facebook is full of deals and pages of people selling and trading parts, info, and devices.
If it isn't illegal in the country you live in then you can buy whatever equipment you need online.
I have bought all of my stuff from ebay and amazon with no problem. It's not looked at as an actual cig. Why would it be illegal? I think they even sell regular cigs online.
Lol I would never buy anything E-cig related from Ebay, I can understand using a common store online but you might get ripped off on Ebay, they would probably send you a used E-cig that has been shoved in someones ear. Not the direction I wanted to take that, but you get the point.
I would say that it should be legal unless there are listings or has something else involved that your are buying or some other state or federal rules or laws that would get in the way or you buying or slip you up on the purchase.

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