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Is it legal to buy one from the internet?
I've seen a lot of e-cigs on E-bay, Amazon and even the sites from my region. Will I be able to buy one from there? Is it recommended to do so?
As long as the equipment isn't illegal where you live it shouldn't be any problems.

There's basically the same stuff on eBay as there is in pretty much any other shop although there is a lot of clones there. I think that you should compare prices etc. before you decide where to buy.
Exactly what Erik said, I buy 99% of my stuff from sites like the ones you mentioned and it's completely legal. I know of one person that told me ecigs were completely banned in his country but I cant remember what country that was lol, I want to say it was Portugal but i'm not even sure I believe it in the first place.
As long as the vendor is a trusted seller, than I don't see a problem with it.
Also you will have to check with your country, on this result. I personally wouldn't buy
anything like that online. The trust rate is hard for me, They could be sending me garbage.
Is why I wouldn't do it, But then again half the product we buy are online, LOL. Give it a shot if that's what you want i think it's legal to do so.
My boyfriend and I live in the US and he buys as much as he can online because the selection is much greater and he has found the prices to be more competitive. As long as what you are buying isn't illegal where you live I can't imagine a problem with online purchasing.
I believe it is legal to do so, I buy all my equipment on online websites and they aren't dodgy or anything, nothing sketchy about buying them online, completely legal to my knowledge.
I believe it is legal to buy them online. I haven't done much research on it but I've bought all of my equipment on the internet. Nothing seems dodgy about the sites and they're perfectly fine. So, yes, as far as I know they're legal to buy online.
The e-cigs are legal in my country, which probably means that it would be legal to buy one from the internet as long as it isn't counterfeit?
Buying from the Internet is perfectly legal in my opinion. You just have to take care and buy from well reputed suppliers, so you won`t get something counterfeit and of bad quality.
Thanks for answering, guys. I've managed no to buy one from the internet, though. I've chosen to look at one and touch it before buying.

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