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Innokin iClear X.I Setup :)
Here's a pic of my Innokin iClear X.I and eGo K maze etched battery. I love this kit. For a non adjustable airflow it doesn't get much better for a clearomizer. Plus I haven't touched skoal for at least 3 months since I got it. Awesomeness. Also dig the $1.50 glass frog drip tip I got with it!!!
That's a slick setup there man, and awesome job with staying off the dip!
Thanks! I was burning through more than a can of skoal a day! My teeth have actually gotten a few shades whiter. I love it. I went to a music festival a few weeks ago and they were selling the same setup I got for $40 bucks for $90 inside. Money trap. But again, thanks! My parents don't think it's a big deal that I quit skoal cold turkey after 6 years of use and random years of smoking camel wides thrown in there. Cry lol
Cant see the picture

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