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Indoor Vaping
In NC we have noticed that some businesses such as Mitchell Gold has began to start adding electronic cigarettes to their list of banned products on their campuses even in your own private vehicle. Some local government buildings have also started to ban the electronic cigarettes on their property. I have not seen any restaurants, bars or shopping centers banning them though. I still feel very strange when I vape indoors but I do still do it at times. I am just still very considerate and respectful to others when doing so. I don't want to have any one complain and cause a big issue. I have noticed that a TON of people are using them pretty openly in the local bars or where alcohol is sold. I guess because there are so many people who drink that also smoke its just a habit to do the two together. One positive thing about vaping that I suggested to my mom when she was at work. You can sneak into bathroom and vape and no one will ever know because the smoke doesn't linger or have an odor. :twisted:
It's a nonsense that indoor vaping is being forbidden in some locations, but this just proves that laws are being made not to protect people, but to protect the interests of those paying... Sad
I think the people who tend to complain about vaping indoors do not understand that there is no smell like ciggarette smoke. They are against smoking to begin with so they bitch about anything to do with it. it seems to me they should be glad that it doesnt stink, or cause health problems to others.
foodietr Wrote:I think vaping is allowed indoors in most countries. Only those landlords who make a fuss about smoking tend to have problems with it. And the point that vaping fumes will not affect the others seem a bit relaxing compared to the cigarette fumes which can cause tertiary cancer.
Pretty much like you say Judy, the people getting upset by vaping indoors most likely think that it's a regular cigarette, but it's not, the fumes are just water and they are not harmful at all.
I think that is normal because many people are unaware that is water, what I don't find normal is the legislation to forbid it, that doesn't show ignorance, but bad faith.
Really haven't seen many people fuss about it when I use my e-cig at the bar. We have a no smoking ordinance and e-cigs are a great way to get around them as long as you're not in a shoulder-to-shoulder packed hole in the wall.

I have seen some people fussing about them at work, though. I work in a large warehouse and tons of people complain about a handful of people using their e-cigs during work. Some people always have to complain. Confusedhock:
I've been nearly kicked out of many restaurants for vaping indoors, which is really annoying, but I just explain that it's vape, and they usually then don't care.

However, one time I was eating outdoors at a Sonic, and they told me to "quit smoking" on the patio. I told em it was vape and they simply said we don't care, it's still smoking.
That's pure ignorance, it's still smoking, but that smoke isn't bothering anyone, they say it's still smoking because they confuse it with regular cigarettes.
Vaping in the night clubs and bars is just great. I like the fact that I don't have to go outside with all the drunken nuts just to enjoy a smoke anymore, I can just sit at the bar and continue to drink as I vape. I wish they would have made these things a long time ago.
Vaping ban on public places such as plane, stadium, movie theater, Trains etc. You must take precaution these places before vaping.

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