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Illinois to ban ecig flavors?
Illinois, the great state of Politicians who turn on their own voters are teaming up to attempt to ban flavored ecigs because they feel it gets kids to vape. You can see the full story here ... 92461.html This upsets me because what about all the other stuff? Flavored hard liquor? Flavored Soda? Flavored candy because we know candy is bad for you? Flavored fast food? Why attack vaping? Illinois sure knows how to make their citizens shake their heads in disgust at their policymakers.
I have seen other states discussing how to go about regulating the market. Most are wanting to ban all flavors except menthol and tobacco. It is sad they don't want people to quit smoking and are allowing corporations to influence the market like this. I think someone should ban all the flavored vodka if they are going to ban all flavors of my juices.
sometimes I just wanna pick up and move out of this state lol. Nice find, I hadn't seen this yet and although it worries me, I have a feeling that it wont fly, there is way too much money in the vaping and ejuice industry now to simply just ban flavored liquids.

One thing that I keep reminding myself is that I can always just go to a food flavoring supplier that deals in vg/pg based liquids and buy some bulk VG and make my own. They would have to screw with the entire candy, baking, etc industries to stop us from doing this to get flavored juices.

I wonder if Missouri is on the list of states trying to ban flavored ejuice, maybe I move 20 minutes across the river lol.
Yeah, IL is not doing good with all these bans. I don't want to start a debate as I know people have different opinions but we were the last state in the union to ban carrying firearms and now they are doing what they can to make that happen again. IL cares nothing about what its citizens want, they care about what they can push on us. Its time for a change... It would be great to see everyone vote libertarian for this state and them win. You'd be shocked at all the freedoms you would start seeing... we'd finally feel like we live in the United States lol

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