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If you had to smoke or drink what would you prefer?
Which one would you give up if you had to, (that's if you even do both of course?)

I think I would give up drinking, while I am partial to a nice glass of whiskey after work there's nothing more relaxing than a nice smoke.

What would you do?
I would and did give up smoking. While i really like to smoke, and did so for 15 years, I think smokes are much more damaging to you then drink. Of course drinking can severely affect your health as well if not done in moderation, but not as much as a pack/day can. Thankfully now that I vape I`ve eliminated that problem from my life completely.
I agree with the whole pack a day thing, but I just guess it depends on what you drink, I do like my spirits and an old guy down my street has a glass of whiskey every morning and he still walks to and from the supermarket every morning... At the age of a hundred!

Suppose it depends on your preferences.
I had to make that choice awhile back and chose the smokes, thankfully vaping made that process a whole lot easier lol.

Honestly, I used to love nothing more than a nice smoke with my cold beer in the evening but now I can't imagine ruining the taste of a beer with a cig. I've tried awhile back and I had to wash my mouth out with a big string hit from my vape lol
Drinking and vaping seem to work very well together and it is awesome in this regard, since I also enjoy a few beers in the evening and vaping alongside them does not really seem to be much different then when I used to smoke.
I can imagine a few beers and vaping would go hand in hand at a barbeque, especially with coming up to summer where I'm located.
I'm not a drinker, I don't like alcohol at all. So I would rather smoke than drink.
That is a tough decision. I think I would choose to give up drinking, although I wouldn't want to pick one or the other at this time.
I don't think I would ever want to give up drinking. For me drinking is a social thing (and I like the whole ritual of having drinks with friends and family) and smoking really isn't.
Isn't giving up smoking why we're all here? :mrgreen:

Anyway, I would prefer drinking as there's nothing better than a cold beer. Combine that with some good vapor and you're all set.

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