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IJOY Tornado 300W Capable Two Post RDTA
IJOY Tornado RDTA is a RDA without dripping designed by AW in Southern California.

IJOY Tornado 300W capable Two Post RDTA aims directly at a recreating high powered RDA experience with the benefits of a tank reservoir. The Tornado T4 build deck features a two post design with two 2mm diameter terminal per post, allowing for easy mounting of dual coil builds. With Tornado T6 two post 6 holes optional deck, high power builds driven up to 300W can be achieved with steady wicking rates.

[Image: 59491c62e6d68df39d6f94fe2d024ff0.jpg]

Product Features:
24mm Diameter
5ml Capacity
17.8mm Two Post Build Deck
PEEK Insulator
Direct to Contact 24K Gold Plated 510
Wide Surface Area Cools Entire Subdeck and Deck of RDTA
Convenient sliding&Lock gasket sealedtop side filling
Delrin Wide Drip Tip
High Quality Stainless Steel and Glass Construction

For more info about Tornado RDTA, please visit:

So don’t hesitate to drop us an email to and set up a wholesale account that simplifies your online ordering procedure. You will then have access to our ecig wholesale prices and easy checkout with products of your choice.

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IJOY Tornado 300W Capable Two Post RDTA00