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I use these standard ones
[Image: T3-kanger-atomizer.jpg]

[Image: 728221484_193.jpg]
Nice man, yea i used a vape pen like that with a clearomizer tank for a long time but i came across mods like in my collection pics and was curious so I ended up moving into those instead.

I ended up donating my vape pen (like yours) to my neighbor who was trying to quit smoking. He still smokes sometimes but said that it has definitely helped cut way back.
I`m still a newbie at this, even after a year. Big Grin I need to buy myself some custom gear. I`m definitely going to buy those clearo tanks with a double coil. The go for about 10 $ in my city and have two coils in the tank. Supposedly they last much longer and produce a lot more vapes as well.
I'd really recommend checking out the Kanger AeroTank.
It's bloody amazing compared to the CE4 and alike.
I've got a standard eGo-T battery, and used CE4 dual coils before. They look similar to those you posted.
But recently got this Kanger tank. The vapors is better. You can controll the airflow, and I think it looks awesome.
Althoug it is a bit bigger than the one you linked.
But I suggest you check it out Big Grin
That`s my plan. And I don`t mind it if it is bigger. I already keep my e-cig and a spare charged battery in my backpack wherever I go, and that pack has a lot of spare space. Big Grin
I use the same tank as you but my battery is a bit shorter (i think) the buttons on our batteries are the same so they could be the same batteries but yours look bigger.
Yes, these are the standard EgO batteries and tanks. I think even these have some variation, some being bigger, some shorter. I think the shorter batteries are more powerful then then the longer ones, and operate at a higher voltage.
I also use a vape pen and I love it. I've had a few people give me shit for it and try to lecture me on how crappy they are, but I've never had any issues with mine and I love it. Smile
Vape pens are the best in my opinion. They are sturdy, compact, easy to use and they also look classy. Most people in my area go for these, and I understand why. I love them!

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I use these standard ones00