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Howdy from Arkansas!
Hey guys/gals! I just want to introduce myself! I am from Arkansas and want to get into Vapor Tricks! I just want to ask, what are the best Vapor Sticks(?) to do tricks with! i want to use water only! Thanks!
Hi there, welcome to the forums!

Off the top of my head I would recommend any of the better clones of high end mechanical mods such as the HCigar Nemesis stainless steel or copper. The copper one will offer less battery volt drop due to the copper being more conductive.

For massive vapor productions you want a lot of airflow so a clone of the Helios RDA with a dual sub ohm coil set up would be nice (but please research sub ohm vaping and safety first!)

Buy the sony vtc4 or vtc5 batteries if you are sub ohming or shit could get real real fast.

for the liquid im not sure where to get 100% pure distilled water liquids but has juices in 70% vg and 30% distilled water which might work well because you need vg to produce a lot of vapor. I would recommend 100% VG and zero nicotine if you are just wanting to get into vapor tricks.

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