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How to spot fake Sony VTC5 Batteries
Hey all you sub ohm vapers Smile I just read a great article over at regarding fake Sony VTC5 batteries being sold on eBay.

They purchased a few fake and legit batteries and did some visual and wattage tests and found quite a list of differences in the two versions. They posted close up pics to help users try to determine if they were duped into buying the knock offs.

I purchased quite a few VTC4's and 4 VTC5's so I immediately started checking mine and got a bit worried when I saw the first image. My Q Codes look like the one on the fake battiers but all other indicators say that my batteries are legit so ill just cross my fingers lol.

Needless to say that I will be a bit more careful purchasing batteries from ebay int he future.

Head over to and check out the full article, it's a great read.

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