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How to smoke an e-cig (hint: it's not the same!)
So, the majority of e-cigarette users are former (or current) smokers and usually tend to smoke an e-cigarette the same way. However, an e-cigarette is not meant to be used that way! They are actually closer to how a cigar is generally smoked—you slowly and gently pull the vapor into your mouth, using your cheeks as a vacuum. Do not do a hard pull, or pull directly into your lungs. Once you have the vapor in your mouth, you can either inhale then, or just exhale through your mouth or nose. If you choose to exhale immediately, you are still getting nicotine through the membrane in your mouth (people with emphysema find this particularly helpful).

If you smoke it like a normal cigarette (as in, a hard pull directly to the lungs) the heater coil won't work properly, so less nicotine will end up vaporized, and if you pull TOO hard you may end up with some e-juice in your mouth/throat (yuck!). Just remember: slow and steady wins the race!
I think overall it depends on personal preference. I'm more of a slow-and-steady vaper but my uncle is not. He takes a few quick draws on it, and it works for him. Neither of us have ever gotten any liquid in our mouths Smile

I prefer doing it more slowly just because I enjoy the taste and taste more of it that way.
Well, I prefer smoking it slowly, because I'm able to enjoy the taste more this way. I'm not into fast smoking, and never been. But it's a matter of preference of how you smoke an e-cig. And the way you smoke it doesn't really matter, right?
It truly is a matter of personal preference. But either way you are quite correct in that it is in no way the same as smoking a cigarette! Personally I find the best, for me, is a long slow draw. I always seem to get the most vapour and flavour this way. It was very awkward to me when I first switched over. Probably in part due to the fact that I was looking for that cigarette feel. Once I was able to let go of that mindset and accept it was different in every way. It became my choice! I don't think I could ever go back!
Absolutely personal preference comes into play - but it's still good to have some facts on how your smoking style affects your vape/experience. For the first few months I was smoking my e-cig just like I smoke cigarettes (super hard, long pulls) and I was coughing my face off and not enjoying it at all. It never even occured to me to try switching up my style, since I was so used to smoking that way. I never got any liquid in my mouth either, but since it's a definite possibility it's good to be aware of... especially considering e-juice is probably not something you want to just straight up consume.

Since then, I've really enjoyed playing with the inhale speed/technique to see what works best for me—and I definitely think the slower, the better. Especially when you have a super delicious flavour... Smile
Well, my preference is slowly inhaling it and blowing the smoke through my nose. It looks pretty bad-ass, and also feels nice. I've always loved doing that.
I prefer to slowly suck the vapor into my mouth and then inhale/exhale. That seems to work best for me.
Well, I think one could use any inhaling technique, as the vapor is not as stingy as cigarette smoke is. That's why we all do smoke tricks easier with vapers.
I always draw then inhale, cigar style. I think that's the same way I smoked analogs but I'm not sure.

However, I use a pen-style unit and think it would be impossible to just inhale right off the unit. The bigger rigs with buttons might lend themselves to a direct inhale because you can fill the chamber with vapor before your lips even touch the mouthpiece.
Well, I think that the cigar style is the most common inhaling technique. I agree with you, depends on which kind of e-cig you own.

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