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How to get friends into vaping
I was wondering how you might have gotten your friends into vaping. I'm pretty new, and would love it if vaping became a thing I could do with my friends. Showing setups and discussion like here on the forums would be great, if I could introduce it into my circle of friends!
If they smoke cigarettes and have any interest in their health just bring it up and if you have one perhaps let them try and and encourage them to get into it. Shouldn't be too tough!
Yeah, I very much agree with Aprax, if your friends are smoking anyway, it should not be too tough to get them interested. If you show off your vape a bit, then I'm sure they'll be interesting, it really is a great alternative. Try showing them different juices as well so they see you're not completely confined.
Aprax Wrote:If they smoke cigarettes and have any interest in their health just bring it up and if you have one perhaps let them try and and encourage them to get into it. Shouldn't be too tough!

I agree to what Aprax said. If your friends have any concerns to their health and heir family. It's not really hard to persuade them to switch to eCigs. Just have 'em try it. I'm sure they'll like the flavor and it's benefits.
I gave them my vaper to give it a try. And they likes it very much. It seemed like a new piece of alien technology to them, so they wanted to buy one themselves. Now we all have vapers and share flavors. It's pretty nice if you ask me.
Well, the best way for me has been word of mouth. Friends see me using mine and, they ask questions that I answer.
I bought my best friend 2 for Christmas and once she tried she was hooked. She even quit smoking cigarettes which was even better. When I have friends over I offer for them to try some like it and then some prefer to continue to smoke cigars or cigarettes .
All my smoker friends love my e-cig when they try it. I ended up buying one for them at their birthdays and they use it all the time now. Some of them stopped smoking analogs, thanks to me. Big Grin
I don't see many hate of e-cigs coming from smokers, actually they accept it pretty good.
Yeah, I think the better way to get friends into vaping is by being a vaper yourself. If you're vaping your friend will want to try and will love it, so most likely they will be convinced. If they know no one most likely they will not try it at all.
If they smole then you can suggest them vaping instead as it's more healthy. If they don't smoke then don't try to force them only ask if they want to give it a try.

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