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How often does it need to be repaired?
Most people I know always complain about their broken vapers how expensive is repairing one. I usually take very good care of my things, but I understand that this is also some kind of a technical problem.

Any help with this?
I had the same e-cig for over a year now and it still works fine. Sure, you need to be careful with it and keep it stored properly. I never heard no one complain about a broken vaper, and never saw one break down.
It's a good question really, but they seem pretty reliable. I am not seeing which parts are more susceptible of being damaged, but I think that repairs will more often result from misuse rather than something not working properly. Someone with more experience care to comment?
I take care of my e-cigarette and by now I have it for a decent amount of time and never repaired it before.
If you keep it stored properly, use it correctly, and maintain/ clean it, it should last a really long time with no major repairs. I've had mine for a year and a half with no problems whatsoever. If you just throw it in your bag or lose it in the couch you may run into problems a lot sooner.
Hmmm I'm not really sure what your asking. I bought a astro mod clone on ebay for 25$ and picked up a Igo w. I don't think I'll have to replace anything for a long long time besides wire and cotton. There's no need to buy the fancy stuff, just get a low ohm dual coil dripper and a mechanical mod and your good to go.

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