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How often did you need to repair your e-cig?
When I've bought it, my friends told me that I'd have a lot of headaches from it just because it is an electronic device, which that it will need a lot maintenance. It isn't true. I didn't need to repair it yet.

What about you?
I bought a cheaper vaporizer. I've had it for about three months, but about two months into it, my button went weird. Other than the button issue, I haven't really had any problems (aside from chargers but that's another story). I know that it's probably time to move on to something better. Spend a little more money. I bought the cheaper one initially because I wanted to make sure that I would use it. Boy, do I use it. I think I'm okay with shelling out a bit more money at this point!
I see. So it depends on how expensive the e-cig is, right? Because my e-cig wasn't among the cheapest and it seems to last for a while.
I usually take good care of my stuff. I haven't needed to repair my e-cig yet, and I think I won't have to get it repaired very soon. Of course, this also depends on quality and brand.
I'm actually going to buy a new battery today because my current one will no longer stay on the charger, doesn't really hold a charge, the button stopped working regularly and the inside is stripped. No, I didn't run over it with my car or throw it out of window, I think it's just a cheaper one. I can't really complain, I've had it for about four months now and I certainly got my money out of it. I'm ready for a new battery though. I'm tired of pulling so hard I get headaches because my battery doesn't want to hold a charge at all. I think this next one will eventually become my back up battery when I switch to something even better.

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