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How much juice do you vape in one day?
For me, it used to be about 3ML (December, 2013, when I quit analogs). Now that I have better equipment and lower nic juice, it's about 6ML. So tell us, how much do you vape?
I don't really know it depends on the day of the week.
I usually average about a 30 ml over a two week period. So I guess that would equal out to about 2.15 ml a day. Some weeks I may use depending on my stress level and how many activities I do where I can not vape as much. I would lean more to an average of 3 ml a day. I use a Vision clearomizer which has a top filter and if I want to change out the filter for whatever reason- I waste some juice doing this. I do realize that some of the Kanger styles offer a bottom coil system that you waste less when changing filters but it totally depends on preference. If you use a Clearomizer, like me, you will learn that the single coils will burn less juice than the double coil filters. Hope this helps others get an idea of the amount of juice used.

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