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How much do you spend on your vaping habits?
How much do you guys spend on vaping and your gear in a month? I usually need about 4 coils for a month, priced at about 2 dollars each, along with two bottles of 30 ml juice, which costs me a total of 12 dollars. So a grand total of 20 dollars a month for vaping. If I compare that to what I used to spend on cigarettes, like 271 dollars for two packs a day, it`s definitely a huge difference. 20 vs. 271. Big Grin
I can't really count the cost of coils and the cotton ball wicks because its only like .15-30 cents per coil build and I only really need like 4 builds per month (but i do make builds just for fun so that throws off the monthly cost lol)

The juice is where I spend a lot of my money because my builds can go through a couple 30ml bottles a week. so its probably like 30-40 bucks a month not counting all the different parts that I buy just to try them out.
I spend less than 50 dollars a month. I used to spend over 80 dollars in a single month on regular cigars. This is way more convenient.
I spend around 40$ a month I think. 3-4 new coils and then a bunch of e-juice.
I usually keep it under $25 a month with some juice and maybe a coil if the one I'm using is really screwed.
Wow, this is great! Nobody seems to be spending more than 100 dollars a month like I do. Vapers really save you a fortune.
I've only had mine for about a month but I don't use it regularly. So far I've only bought three bottles of liquid and none have been wasted yet. I don't use them that much during the week, mostly at the weekends when I'm going out.
I've officially started to vape less often, which means that I've saved myself more than 10 dollars a month. Now I don't need to spend more than 60 dollars, actually.
The fact that a bottle of 30 ml juice costs me about as much as two packs of cigs and lasts me for a week or more, is really awesome. Even if I would buy 4 30 ml bottles a month, it wouldn`t cost me nearly as much as smoking for that amount of time.
I can buy 3 bottles of juice for under $30.00, if I choose the right week, and those will last me about a month, sometimes longer. That is waaaaay cheaper than analog cigarettes.

I am considering adding an e-cig with a clear tank, one that is larger than my pen style.

The only problem is the size. These larger cigs aren't nearly as sleek or sexy as the pen styles, so I'll probably use this newer cig at home, saving my pen style Crown7 for vaping away from home.

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