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How much did you pay?
It is a good deal in my opinion. I have bought mine for around 100 dollars too. Smile
depending on the equipment that you get for the money you can, you don't have to worry because for any of the stuff that I have seen that seems to be a pretty good deal.
Just to be safe look for a clearomizer that is made of pyrex if you want to vape a bunch of different flavors. I shop desertvapes and got

1x Innokin iClear X.I
1x Ego k etched maze battery
1x glass drip tip
1x eGo charger
1x Case
3x Juices
1x Lanyard

for around 48 bucks with shipping. It works amazingly even after a few months.
Lithium Wrote:I haven't paid for mine more than 100 dollars. Is this a good price?

I paid a little over $100 for my iTaste VV/VW 3.0 when it first came out but I also got extra iClears, liquid and wicks. I don't mind spending money on eCig stuff because I know its better for me than smoking ever was. Smile You'll spend more for better equipment especially if you start getting into real mods. There is one mod I saw for $250 for the kit. No juice included!

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How much did you pay?00